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Preparing Your Final Draft

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Preparing Your Final Draft

Due date: ________________________

In preparing your final draft for your essay, you will edit, revise, and rewrite.

The first, look at the organization and content of your essay. Make sure your essay has a hook, a thesis statement (topic, controlling idea, three points of development), three body paragraphs with topic sentences, and supporting details, and a conclusion that restates the thesis statement, summarize, and includes closing remarks. Also, delete any sentences that are off topic and make sure your transitions are properly used to walk readers through your essay. (Avoid using first and second person pronouns, contractions, and words such as, always, never, a lot of, etc.).

Then edit your essay by looking for:

  • incorrect sentence structures
  • missing verbs
  • misspelled words
  • incorrect words

Check quotations for proper in-text citation. Use one of the two examples below. Each quote should be no more than one sentence.

Example One: According to, “Plants release water into the atmosphere through a process called transpiration.”

Example Two: “Plants release water into the atmosphere through a process called transpiration” (

You will then take your essay to your tutor and have them proofread it for you. After you have finished editing, revising, and rewriting, you will then write your final draft on the computer using WORD.

To set up your document, go to and follow the directions. (Essays that do not conform to this formatting will not be accepted).

Your essay should use:

  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 point
  • Line Spacing: Double-spaced
  • Indent First Lines: The first sentence of the paragraph is indented five spaces from the left margin.  This shows the reader where a new paragraph begins.
  • Margins: 1 inch on all size
  • Paper Size: 8 1/2 x 11 (Do not use A4 paper size)


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